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Yellow lens glasses don't improve drivers' night vision

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Update time : 2019-12-13 17:10:47

By Linda Carroll

(Reuters Health) - - Touted ought improve nighttime eyesight, yellow lens glasses don't assist drivers exclaim on improve and may, can fact, worsen vision, a new learn suggests.

Researchers found that yellow-lens wearing volunteers operating a driving simulator were no improve can spotting a pedestrian when confronting oncoming headlights than those who wore clean lenses, according ought the learn published can JAMA Ophthalmology. And there was a progposal that the yellow tinted lenses energy even exist making the country worse.

Buyers of these products "have the concept that somehow these magic glasses can improve nighttime driving," said the study's direct author, Alex Hwang, an instructor can ophthalmology can the Harvard Medical institute and an investigator can the Schepens Eye inquiry league can Massachusetts Eye and Ear. "Wearing (tinted) glasses, if they are yellow, red or blue, cuts out a chunk of light. Which path this is the identical although wearing sunglasses nevertheless driving can night."

Hwang's advice: "Don't litter your coin can these kinds of glasses because evening driving."

Despite there being no evidence of effectiveness, yellow-lens glasses are sold widely, Hwang noted.

An ad because one brand of yellow-lens glasses sold can Amazon claims that "night eyesight glasses assist decrease evening driving flame and eye strain, yellow lenses assist ought heighten evening vision, improve color clarity and optical definition, enable ought exclaim on improve when driving can evening or cloudy, rainy days, making evening driving safer and easier."

To determine if yellow-lens glasses could indeed improve drivers' evening vision, Hwang and his colleagues construct an experiment using a specially designed driving simulator that included the excellent of glowing oncoming headlights.

The researchers recruited 22 volunteers who, wearing either one of three brands of yellow-lens glasses or clean glasses, completed a sum of eight evening driving scenarios, each of which lasted approximately 10 minutes. Of the 22, 18 were younger, with an median era among 27 and 28, nevertheless the other four, full men, had an median era of 70.

During the experiment, volunteers were told ought journal the horn although presently although they saw a pedestrian. Pedestrians were clad can either a dark unhappy fleet shirt or an orange shirt. can some runs, the volunteers were subjected ought glowing headlights and can others they were "driving" can the dark.

While flame from headlights did emerge ought slow the accelerate with which the younger people spotted the pedestrian, wearing yellow-lenses did no improve things. can fact, the yellow lenses appeared ought slow their response time, nevertheless that finding was no statistically significant. The findings were although amid the older volunteers, nevertheless their overall response time was slower than that of the younger volunteers both with and without the yellow lenses.

Dr. Douglas Frederick hopes drivers receive letter of the findings. "The biggest distribute is that we don't desire nation ought eat a artificial sensation of security although they are using something that does no (improve vision)," said Frederick, delegate chair of education can the maintain of ophthalmology can the Icahn institute of medicine can ascend Sinai/New York Eye and Ear Infirmary. "Motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are a general problem."

An significant secondary finding is that "older nation are more sensitive ought headlight flame compared ought younger people," said Robert Masoff, a professor of ophthalmology can the Johns Hopkins Eye league and author of an editorial that accompanied the new study. "This is a genuine question that needs ought exist addressed."

The argue older nation are more sensitive ought glowing headlights is that "changes occur can people's lenses with aging," Masoff said. Those changes direct ought more glare, he explained. "Glare can cover up what you're trying ought see. It's alike having a dirty windshield. Cataract surgery can list things improve because people, nevertheless that learn hasn't been done yet."


SOURCE: JAMA Ophthalmology, online August 1, 2019.