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Why should optical glasses maintain?

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Update time : 2019-10-15 14:59:15
Optiacal Glasses have a life cycle, if we do not take good care of glasses, its life will be reduced.

The ring of the mirror is uneven
Generally, the position of the nose holder does not match the bridge of the nose of the dispenser, the length of the bending point of the leg is not suitable, or the choose  frame is too large or too small.Long-term wear also can cause giddy, see object absentminded.To sum up, people should keep it when choosing and wearing it.Maintenance of Italian glasses frame, avoid affecting the health of glasses due to deformation.

The legs of the mirror are uneven
Mirror leg height is different or configuration of two ears height is different, or buy glasses frame nose bridge deformation tilt will cause the occurrence of the above situation.Wearing such a frame can not accurately through the optical central vision, not only will produce dizziness, easy to fatigue phenomenon, long-term wear may also guide.Deviation from the central point of gaze.

The nose rest is uneven
The main reason for this situation is that the Angle outside the mirror leg is inconsistent, but it is also possible that the position of the nose support is inconsistent or that the position of the left and right ears of some wearers is inconsistent.Wearing will be due to prism effect and other reasons caused dizziness, vision trance, long-term non-correction will also be.Causes deviation of the central principal viewpoint.
Therefore, it is recommended that we protect our eyes and maintain our visual health by not only wearing deformed glasses.