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How to choose sunglasses

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Update time : 2019-11-06 18:10:16
In the eyes of many people, sunglasses are to make the outside
light darker, reducing the glare of the eyes. on

I like to buy some cheap glasses, and these inferior sunglasses can
not only protect your eyes.

It can also cause damage to the eyes. First, one of the biggest
functions of sunglasses is to block ultraviolet rays, purple

The outside line is invisible. If you only darken the light, it is
not equivalent to blocking ultraviolet rays.

Refers to the sun's rays between 200um and 380nm, so everything can
block light above 38-nm

Irradiated lenses are effective against UV rays. Currently a more
common indicator "UV400", such as

If the regular brand has the "UV400" logo, then this sunglasses has
no problem with UV protection. two

: Inferior sunglasses are a lot of harm, not only can not protect
the eyes, but also cause permanent damage 1. Permanently hurt your
eyes, when you bring inferior sunglasses, because the light is
dark, the pupil of the human eye will expand, if this sunglasses
Can not block the ultraviolet rays, it will cause a lot of
ultraviolet rays to enter the eyes, and the ultraviolet rays will
cause great damage to the eyes. 2. Inferior sunglasses have no
strict standards. After wearing, there will be distortion of visual
distortion, low transparency, serious visual chromatic aberration,
increased eye fatigue, and long-term wear affecting vision. For eye
health, choose JH sunglasses.